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  • Explaining the Federal Reserve’s Big Unwind
  • What President Trump's Tax Proposal Means For The Housing Market And The Value Of Your Home
  • Why the U.S. and Canada Are Fighting About Lumber: QuickTake Q&A
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America's Housing Construction Labor Shortage Continues

Several years after the Great Recession, it's safe to say that America's housing market is back. Since 2009, when the number of new authorized housing units dipped to 583,000, they have ticked up every year since, and are now around 1.2 million annually. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index has also increased every year since then, almost returning to the levels found in the late-1990s boom years. And national median home prices, while bottoming out in 2012, have risen back up to their 2007 levels, creating a nearly perfect symmetrical, upside-down bell curve on Zillow's 10-year graph.

But one element of the housing industry has not returned: the workers. And this appears to have increased construction costs, becoming one of the under-reported factors behind America's rising home sale prices.

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Roseburg DuraTemp® Real Wood Siding

Roseburg Roseburg DuraTemp® siding has a natural textured appearance with a surface that is 100% clear and free of patches and repairs. It’s easy to paint and can withstand exposure to the elements. DuraTemp is manufactured with a strong plywood veneer inner core made of western softwood veneer and a fully water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin. The surface is a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check -- even with rough treatment. The plywood core is easy to handle and install yet stronger than most other siding products. Unlike vinyl and cement siding, DuraTemp siding is made from real wood, an environmentally friendly renewable resource.

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Explaining the Federal Reserve’s Big Unwind

The Federal Reserve helped pull the U.S. economy from the brink of disaster by purchasing vast quantities of government bonds and mortgage-backed securities. That rescue, known as quantitative easing, was designed to promote economic growth by keeping long-term interest rates low, but it also pumped up the assets on the Fed’s balance sheet to an unheard-of $4.5 trillion. The Fed stopped its buying spree in 2014, but purposely refrained from paring its bloated balance sheet until it was sure the economy was good and ready. Now, that moment is approaching, with most policy makers expecting the process to begin later this year.

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PlyGemNot a single county in the U.S. can fill 100% of its need for safe, affordable housing. That’s just one reason Ply Gem is proud to lead Affordable Housing Month this May. Now is the time to band together, generate awareness for this important cause and show your customers that you are an advocate for fair, accessible housing. Request a free merchandising kit for your showroom to engage with customers and help us spread the word about Affordable Housing Month.

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What President Trump's Tax Proposal Means For The Housing Market And The Value Of Your Home

Wednesday afternoon the White House released what it is calling a “first draft” of President Donald Trump’s promised tax-cut plan. The outline, which fits on a single page, largely adheres to pledges Trump made on the campaign trail, as well as to the details that have slipped out in the frenzied days leading up to the announcement.

The release does confirm that the president would like to preserve the home mortgage interest deduction, while doubling the standard deduction—two points of particular interest to homeowners, buyers and the real estate industry at large.

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The Hardest Working Guards in the Business

E-Z These hardworking new gutter guards from Midwest Enterprises are engineered for a fast install – no fasteners needed! They’re designed to stay put during rough weather, but snap out for maintenance. All E-Z-Shield gutter guards will fit 5” gutter and come in 4’ sections.

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Why the U.S. and Canada Are Fighting About Lumber: QuickTake Q&A

The U.S. and Canada are locked in a dispute over softwood lumber, the latest entanglement in one of the thorniest commerce spats between the world’s two largest trading partners. The U.S. escalated the row by slapping tariffs of up to 24.1 percent on Canadian lumber, saying the government provides unfair subsidies to producers. If history is any guide, consumers will be paying more for wood.

1. What’s the battle over? The U.S. lumber industry alleges Canadian wood is heavily subsidized and that imports are harming American mills and workers. Canadians argue the U.S. depends on its lumber for home construction and won’t be able to meet demand without its neighbor to the north. It’s a rift that goes back decades.

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DeckWise® Altitudes Pedestal™ System

Displaying DeckWise250x300.gifThe engineers at DeckWise® developed the Altitudes Pedestal™ System to transform underutilized sloped roof tops, concrete patios, and balconies into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Pedestals will support and elevate 24" x 24" Ipe hardwood deck tiles over multiple substrate slopes for a perfectly level deck tile surface with a load bearing capacity of up to 1,200 lbs. per pedestal.

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News Briefs

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Take a Stand Against Mice.

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Industry Events


May 4-5, East Coast Builders Conference, Atlanta, GA,

May 19-22, Do it Best Spring Market, Indianapolis, IN,

July 27-30, Building Material Suppliers Association (BMSA) Summer Conference, Virginia Beach, VA

Aug. 24-26, Orgill Fall Dealer Market, Boston,

Sept. 7-8, LBM Strategies Conference, Frisco, TX,

Sept. 25-27, True Value Fall Reunion, Chicago.

Oct. 4-6, Florida Building Material Association (FBMA) Convention and Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo, Orlando,

Oct. 13-16, Do it Best Fall Market, Indianapolis, IN,

Nov. 7-9, Western Building Material Association 115th Annual Convention, Marysville, WA,

Nov. 8-9, West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association (WCLBMA) Annual Convention and 100th Anniversary Celebration, Rancho Mirage, CA.