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In Depth

In Depth: Ventilation Products
Controlling Air and Moisture Infiltration has gained a higher profile as customers realize the danger posed by mold and rot.  

In Depth: Green Building Products
Find out what "green" really means—and why it matters. Plus, learn about a few green products that are making a mark in the marketplace.

In Depth: Molding
Wood, composites and polymers have expanded the molding market, giving dealers wider options for meeting customer needs and budgets.

In Depth: Windows
Stricter codes, emerging technologies and a desire for more amenities spur growth in high-end window designs across all materials.

In Depth: Doors
The drive to personalize the home’s look is driving larger sizes, diverse species, more glass and higher quality for entry, patio and interior doors.

In Depth: Decks
Boasting new colors, textures and accessories, composite decking continues to grow its share of the decking market.

In Depth: Siding
Personalization, durability and performance are driving the selection of siding products.

In Depth: Roofing
As homeowners look to boost curb appeal, roofing manufacturers are responding with new products in an abundance of colors, styles and materials.

In Depth: Windows
Regional variations in codes, energy needs, and styles drive new products and expanded options.

In Depth: Insulation
Concerns about heating bills, mold and indoor air quality, coupled with newly instituted tax credits, give inside-the-wall products a higher profile.

In Depth: Insulation
Performance advances mean energy savings for homeowners—and sales for you.

In Depth: Moulding, Trim, & Millwork
The slowdown in new-home construction may change the product mix in moulding, but marketers remain optimistic about 2007 sales.

In Depth: Fasteners
Booming deck projects, stricter building codes, and new products are all driving explosive growth in this market.

In Depth: Doors
Homeowners who want to jazz up their home’s appearance look to their doors—inside and out—as a quick way to present a new face.

In Depth: Engineered Wood Products
Suppliers look to expand market share in a housing slowdown as more builders recognize the benefits of these products and processes.

In Depth: Roofing
Performance tops the list in this category—but aesthetics are also key as options continue to expand.

In Depth: Material Handling
Advanced equipment and racking can help create efficiencies during a down market.

In Depth: Windows
New technologies address a growing demand for more energy efficient and lower-maintenance products.

In Depth: Moulding, Trim & Millwork
This market expands as more builders and consumers discover new materials, custom designs, and a wider range.

In Depth: Make More Money on Moldings
After decades of minimalism in molding design, beautiful moldings are back, and suppliers are learning there’s money to be made in wood moldings with great profiles.

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