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Real Issues. Real Answers.

Real Issues. Real Answers: The Installed Sales Question
Are the Installers employees or sub-contractors?  How do you handle training and insurance?  These are all elements we discuss in our article.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Competing With Former Employees.
What to do when your salespeople join a competitor, and you're suddenly selling against formerly trusted associates. Readers have a lot to say on this issue.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Tomorrow's Workforce
With sales rebounding in many markets, a growing number of dealers report trouble finding good people to hire. Hundreds of readers weigh in on this challenge.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Keeping Up with Technology
There are undeniable benefits to the latest technologies, yet who can afford to always buy the latest/greatest smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.? Hundreds of dealers weigh in on this very real, and very timely, topic.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Volatile Lumber Prices
Running a lumber/building material business ought to be relatively straight-forward. Buy right, then sell at a profit. If only it were that easy.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The Production Builder Question
A key decision is this: what customer segment to focus on? After years of primarily serving custom builders, many with a mix of remodelers and DIYers, more dealers are wondering if it’s time to aggressively target production builders (and their high

Real Issues. Real Answers. Saying "Yes" to New Products
With the housing market rebounding, and lumber and commodity prices on the rise, LBM dealers from coast to coast are banking on a healthy revenue increase. And as our latest survey shows, the majority are actively looking for new products and lines t

Real Issues. Real Answers. Earning a Fair Profit.
While pricing isn't everything, it's what makes everything else possible.  So, competitive pricing is a given.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The Right Product.
Thanks to the ease of researching products on the Internet, today’s customers are vastly moreinformed about which products to buy. Or are they? The age-old challenge of educating customersabout significant material differences between pr

Real Issues. Real Answers. Success Planning.
This month, the question of succession planning was directed at owners, managers and partners. The results of our monthly survey, along with direct insights from LBM dealers, is good, healthy food for thought.

Real Issues. Real Answers. MInimize Shrinkage.
Regardless of what formit takes, inventory shrinkage poses a significant challenge for LBM dealers.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The Hiring Dilemma.
A growing number of LBM dealers are looking to hire again. The problem: finding qualified employees. Hundreds of LBM Journal readers weigh in with their experience and insights.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The Charity Question.
Readers weigh-in on the tough question of deciding which charities and civic organizations to support...and determining how much to give.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Attitude Check.  Dealers share tips on keeping your team positive during slow times.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Cash Flow Strategies.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Readers weigh-in on how they manage to balance the need to minimize inventory costs while maintaining adequate stock. Learn how other LBM dealers manage this balancing act.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Liens and Means. This month's Real Issues. Real Answers. feature addresses the very tough, very real issue of dealing with late-paying contractors. Read how fellow dealers decide when—and if—to file a lien.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Detailed Quotes and Price Shoppers.

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Warranties & Customer Satisfaction

Real Issues. Real Answers.
Exclusive: How dealers are managing delivery policies in the face of spiking fuel costs. Survey results, interviews, LinkedIn comments, and more.

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