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Sales Skills

Did You Plan to Make a Profit in 2008?
If you haven't adjusted for the market, it's not too late.

More Top Tools: 2008
The Festool Domino is a tool that makes job site work faster, cleaner, and more efficient.  

Bob Buck & Dave Klun On Selling to Remodelers
A new column that helps you make the most of these important customers.

Make a sku for Education
Customer education is a product that every yard should stock-and sell.

Conquering Credit Management
Learn the solutions to these four recurring problems.

Business Principles for Lumber Pricing
Determine your price, and then sell quality. 

How to Sell to Remodelers
Tap this lucrative category by understanding the challenges they face. 

How to Sell to Architects and Design/Builders
Hungry for a slice of the design/build pie? Need some practical ideas on how to go about it? Read on for some seriously useful information.

How to Sell Windows & Doors
An Open-and-Shut Case for Profitability.

Show Me the Money
Want to earn undying loyalty? Cut to the chase and give builders what they really want: a bigger bottom line.

How to Sell to Remodelers
The numbers are staggering: Last year, remodelers did $182 billion in business, up five percent from the previous record-setting year, and counting.

Callback Cures
How to diagnose, repair-and prevent-the most common construction defects

The ABCs of Engineered Floor Framing

How to Read The Flinch
...and other tools to give you the last word on price.

How to Sell to Remodelers
Remodeling Is A $280 Billion Business. Are You Getting Your Share?

Sell the Right Fasteners
Make sure your staff stays up-to-date on the new materials and techniques exploding into the market.

Building by the Numbers
For builders and material dealers, real profit always comes from proper preparation and improvement.

How To Sell To Big Builders
Production builders could greatly boost your volume. Do you have what it takes to help them help you?

How to Sell to Custom Homebuilders
Learn what custom builders want most from their dealers—after they’ve nailed down the best price.

Peak Performers
An Exclusive LBM Journal Report: The Results of our latest research into outside sales compensation.

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