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Marketing Strategies

Honor The Craft
How to earn respect and guarantee higher profits. 

Selling Decks in 2008
Several trends bear watching as we enter a new year. 

Irrational Agony
“Deep, dark depression, excessive misery…If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all." 

Preparing for 2008
Face this pivotal year with well-planned goals and a central strategy.

Did You Plan to Make a Profit in 2008?
If you haven't adjusted for the market, it's not too late.

More Top Tools: 2008
The Festool Domino is a tool that makes job site work faster, cleaner, and more efficient.  

Bob Buck & Dave Klun On Selling to Remodelers
A new column that helps you make the most of these important customers.

Managing Inventory
Keeping the right product on the shelf means tracking, measuring, and anticipating sales trends.

What's Different About Remodelers?
Our two experts explain what it takes to recognize and serve these important customers.

How to Sell “Green” Products
Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products are growing in number as well as demand. Are you meeting the need in your own market?

Battling the Giants

Supplier Partnering-Keep Your Profits Up and Costs Down
As Home Depot and Lowe's scrimmage for market share and margins, it's clear that victory will be linked to service.

Right on Tract: How to Sell to the Production Builder
LBM Journal spoke with three of the top decision-makers in the production housing market.

Two to Tango: exploring dealer/vendor partnerships
In some circles, the term "dealer-vendor partnership" is all about co-op dollars, golf outings and joint sales calls. In others, unfortunately, it's an oxymoron.

Building Builder Loyalty
What do builders want? Simple. More ways to save time and money.

Brand Identity: Can Partnerships Work?
Can national suppliers and local dealers really create alliances that allow both brand identities to thrive, or must one be the “senior” partner?

Exploring New Niches
Expanding sales in new directions can reap big dividends, but it requires a careful understanding of your customers’ needs and the market’s gaps.

The Next Big Thing
With new products flooding the market, it’s more important than ever for dealers to sort through the clutter to uncover the gold. Not an easy task.

How to Sell the Deck Project
A steady flow of innovative products from a growing lineup of suppliers means more opportunity for savvy dealers.

5 Ways to Win New Business
How you can take business away from the competition without using price to do it.

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