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Management & HR

The Sky is Falling! Or Not.
What you—and your employees—believe may be what you receive.

Did You Plan to Make a Profit in 2008?
If you haven't adjusted for the market, it's not too late.

The Willingness to Change
2007 was a year for lessons learned, challenges faced, and new goals created.

Bob Buck & Dave Klun On Selling to Remodelers
A new column that helps you make the most of these important customers.

Interviewing Aids For Operations
Ask the right questions to find the right people for the job.

No More Business As Usual
Remoders expect-and need-to be treated differently. 

Turning Around a Problem Employee
To be effective, managers must take time to manage.

Partner for Success
It’s time to think about how your communications process may cost you money. 

Profit Improvement: The Three-by-Three Difference
Target for a 3 percent gain in 3 key areas.

Next In Line: Do Family Businesses Need Long Term Care Insurance? Think Again.
Let's Look at the Numbers.

Time to Train Your Workforce?
To pump productivity, fill the training gap between what is and should be.

The Paycheck Conundrum: Salary vs. Commission
The most effective compensation plans must align sales activities with a company's mission, providing security while fostering an entrepreneurial attitude that grows the business.

All-Stars of HR
As guidepost to great HR, LBM Journal salutes two companies that put their people first.

Melting Pot
As Hispanic workers play an increasingly critical role in the industry, dealers are getting a crash course in managing across cultural boundaries.

Hire Education
10 Steps to Successful College Recruiting

Paid In Full
Think nothing happens until a sale is made? Actually, nothing really.

Paying Discretionary Bonuses
Armed with decades of experience helping dealers do better business, Bill Lee’s monthly column is among the best-read sections of LBM Journal.

Construction Defects
Bottom line: In today’s litigious society, nothing can prevent a dealer being named in a construction defect lawsuit. But taking a proactive stance to reduce defects can reduce the risk.

3 Steps to Stronger Profits
If you’re not paying attention to all the factors that affect gross margin, you may be leaving money on the table—and sacrificing your company’s profit.

Hiring for Keeps
How LBM dealers find, train, and keep key employees to fuel their success.

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