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Value-Added Niches

There’s never been a better time to sell decking and railing products.We hope you enjoy this, our biggest-and-best-ever roundup of deckingproducts—and that you find just the right products to help you and your company.

NLBMDA Update.
NLBMDA's Ben Gann with a timely, informative update on Senate Legislation to reform the EPA Lead Rule.

NLBMDA and Legislation that Affects You
Members of the LBM industry came to Washington, D.C. in early March--and made a difference.

Finding Center the First Time
Problem solving with construction calculators. Part 2.

Selling Installed: Part II
Every deck you build helps you streamline your pricing.

Selling the Re-Deck Project
New deck projects are nice, but there’s money to be made replacing old decks, too.

LBM Journal is excited to provide this exclusive report based on fresh research into the habits, wants, and needs (and dissatisfactions) of today's deck contractors.

Deck Math, Part III
The last in a three-part series on making more money on decking.

Deck Math
Part I of a 3-part series on making more money on decking.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough
Even small-time remodelers can be nurtured into a growth spot for your business.

Preventing Water Damage and Roof Leaks
A North Carolina builder asks, “What is the best way to reduce the potential for water intrusion at our roof wall intersections?”

Avoid Moisture Build-up in Homes
Good fans and careful installation will help avoid moisture problems.

Do It Yourself?
Pros and Cons of Manufacturing What You Sell

How to Sell the Deck Project
Today's love of outdoor living spaces takes the family room into the open.

Chasing The Sale
Selling to the Commercial/Industrial Market

Engineering The Future
To assure your piece of the pie in the future, read how six successful dealers promote engineered wood.

How to Sell Through a Showroom
The Times, They Are A-Changin'

How to Install Insulation
5 Ways to do it Better

Installed Sales Summit Strikes a Chord
First annual executive summit draws more than 60 LBM dealers interested in doing installed sales right.

Put Up and Cash In
As housing starts cool, dealers’ installed sales sizzle.

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