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Industry Trends & Analysis

Katrina Cottage vs. FEMA Trailers
As this proud little house demonstrates, temporary mobile homes are not the only option for hurricane ravaged areas.

Green & Growing
With more consumers learning the benefits of living in a “green” home, and savvy builders delivering the goods, green building appears more evolution than trend.

Engineered Wood Products
The market continues to grow and demand is spurring products that expand builders’ options.

In Depth: Siding
Personalization, durability and performance are driving the selection of siding products.

Material Handling Products
From taller racks to more nimble forklifts, faster and more efficient material handling capabilities mean more money in your pocket.

In Depth: Roofing
As homeowners look to boost curb appeal, roofing manufacturers are responding with new products in an abundance of colors, styles and materials.

In Depth: Insulation
Performance advances mean energy savings for homeowners—and sales for you.

In Depth: Moulding, Trim, & Millwork
The slowdown in new-home construction may change the product mix in moulding, but marketers remain optimistic about 2007 sales.

Framing the Future
Building material dealers get closer to their builder clients by providing—and even installing—customized, specialized component packages.

In Depth: Windows
Regional variations in codes, energy needs, and styles drive new products and expanded options.

New colors, options, and materials keep this category sizzling.

In Depth: Fasteners
Booming deck projects, stricter building codes, and new products are all driving explosive growth in this market.

As homeowners demand “personal style” for their homes, siding product lines expand to meet the mix-and-match era.

In Depth: Doors
Homeowners who want to jazz up their home’s appearance look to their doors—inside and out—as a quick way to present a new face.

In Depth: Engineered Wood Products
Suppliers look to expand market share in a housing slowdown as more builders recognize the benefits of these products and processes.

Ask The Expert
Reducing Mold in Finished Basements...Finished basements require care to stop wetness and possible mold growth.

In Depth: Roofing
Performance tops the list in this category—but aesthetics are also key as options continue to expand.

Wired for Profits
Technology tools engineered to harness efficiencies and fatten your bottom line.

How Tight is Too Tight?
Builders should build tight and ventilate right to avoid indoor air quality problems.

A Special LBM Journal Research Report
Builder/Remodeler Product Preferences: Find out what you can do to influence your key customers’ purchases in the areas of roofing, siding, windows, and insulation.

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