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Are you being a manager or a leader?

2 weeks ago

I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on Building a High-Performance Team at the LBM Strategies Conference in Dallas. When creating the presentation, one thread seemed to keep … Read More

Navigating the multifamily market

3 months ago

The multifamily market remains steady. Here’s what savvy dealers know about serving these projects. Throughout the housing recovery, the multifamily sector has been booming, in part due to the number … Read More

Turn On, Tune Up, and Rev Out

4 months ago

Pro dealer lumberyards brace for big data truck telematics and self-driving vehicles. Two thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine. That’s how many forklifts and subcontracted delivery trucks Eighty Four, Penn.-based 84 … Read More

12 Best Practices for Employee Recruitment and Retention

5 months ago

Finding and keeping good employees requires thinking beyond traditional salaries and benefits. There’s no denying that the rebounding housing market is great for business. But the market turnaround has reintroduced … Read More

Canadian Softwood Tariffs: Who Benefits, Who Pays More?

5 months ago

Both the U.S. and Canada produce lumber products and have had disagreements over lumber since the 1800s. We have traded wood products in both directions with and without tariffs. Previous … Read More

The LBM Industry, Disrupted

7 months ago

Building materials will be ruled by a marketplace. Will the industry let it be Amazon? Over the past couple years, Amazon has been making a huge splash in B2B distribution. … Read More

NADRA Update: Best Practices, Labels, and Safety

8 months ago

As the voice of the decking industry, the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) represents manufacturers, retailers, installers, and all industry professionals. That responsibility includes promoting safe practices, ensuring … Read More

Professional Development: MBA vs. Lean Six Sigma

8 months ago

You have been passed over for that coveted promotion. Once you have moved through the range of emotions that inevitably ensues, you are determined to move forward. In assessing your situation, … Read More

Challenges and Opportunities For LBM Dealers

9 months ago

Here’s what you, as an individual LBM dealer, can do to make a difference for your business and our industry. When I think about the state of our industry, I … Read More

The Fear Factor of a Non-Compete

10 months ago

As humans, there is nothing that grabs our attention and controls our behavior like fear. Our 24/7 news cycle has leveraged current events and fear with great success. Sadly, fear … Read More