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Small Towns, Big Growth: Lockridge, Inc.

May 4, 2016

A consistent trait of any successful businessperson’s story is the ability to be able to adapt to your customers’ needs. That’s how Lockridge, Inc. grew from a small farm and … Read More

Growing Upscale: Associated Building Supply, Inc. builds on California luxury

March 2, 2016

In markets like the California coastline regions of San Francisco and San Diego, where new home builds are priced well into the millions, it pays to be an expert in … Read More

Chic Lumber: Building a Community

February 8, 2016

Today’s successful LBM dealers have found that establishing a community connection really distinguishes them from the competition, but Chic Lumber of Missouri has taken their community involvement to a whole … Read More


January 4, 2016

LBM Journal’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognize three companies of different sizes who epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit. By our definition, an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily a new business. Instead, it … Read More

DEALER PROFILE: Power Townsend

November 11, 2015

The Helena, Montana LBM market might look a little crowded to an outsider. From his parking lot, Mike Wall, president at Power Townsend Company, can practically see two big box … Read More

DEALER PROFILE: Corning Building Company

October 7, 2015

A Fresh Look Steeped in History – Corning Building Company Finds a Market Right for Remodeling. A business owner whose company has been around for more than 50 years before … Read More

DEALER PROFILE: Simonson Lumber

September 1, 2015

In Fargo it’s possible to take a walk through a homebuilder’s new house before the site has been prepped and the cement poured. Really. With the help of virtual reality, … Read More

DEALER PROFILE: Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.

July 31, 2015

A New Store For a New Kind of Customer – Iowa-based Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. more than tripled the size of its flagship store, and the investment is paying … Read More


July 2, 2015

Growth via opportunity – HEP Sales in Upstate New York is built on success from diverse product offerings, and is grounded in old-fashioned service. There was a day in 1988 … Read More

DEALER PROFILE: Drexel Building Supply

June 8, 2015

‘Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’ is just one of the secrets to Drexel Building Supply’s success.