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Digital Case Studies: Oxford Lumber

2 days ago

Who handles social media posts and marketing at your company? I handle 99% of the posting on our social media accounts. Occasionally our store managers will do a social media … Read More

Digital Case Studies: The Deck Store

4 weeks ago

How much time do you spend on social media each month? I put in about 20 hours a week on all the sites. I was taught that companies should post … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: McCoy’s Building Supply

2 months ago

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES Who handles social media posts and marketing at your company? I do all of the official posts through our various social media platforms. Our advertising team creates … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: The Detering Company

4 months ago

Digital Case Studies   As LBM dealers continue to search out best practices for utilizing social media to their business’s advantage, many are looking to early adaptors who are experienced … Read More

Using Slack to Keep Your Team Connected

5 months ago

Digital Case Studies CURRENT SITUATION: You recently heard from a valuable builder customer who has become frustrated because your staff members just don’t seem organized. He said that if he … Read More

LBM Dealer’s Guide to Pinterest

8 months ago

CURRENT SITUATION: Over the past couple of years you have helped more and more DIY customers who have come in with projects that they found on Pinterest. Recently, a customer … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Use Video to Promote Services

9 months ago

CURRENT SITUATION: You have heard of other lumber dealers using video to promote their yards. You have a person on staff with the interest and capability to oversee a video … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Attract Customers With a Blog

10 months ago

CURRENT SITUATION: You’ve hired someone to build your store a website, because that’s what you know you needed to do to keep up with the competition. But, outside of the … Read More

Social Media 101: Twitter

11 months ago

CURRENT SITUATION: As your business grows and more of your builder customers are adapting to new ways of communication, you want to make sure you are where they are and … Read More

Recruiting Seasonal Candidates Online

1 year ago

CURRENT SITUATION: The Help Wanted sign in the window isn’t bringing in the number of applicants that it used to for the seasonal hiring you do every spring. You learned … Read More