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Using Slack to Keep Your Team Connected

12 months ago

Digital Case Studies CURRENT SITUATION: You recently heard from a valuable builder customer who has become frustrated because your staff members just don’t seem organized. He said that if he … Read More

LBM Dealer’s Guide to Pinterest

1 year ago

CURRENT SITUATION: Over the past couple of years you have helped more and more DIY customers who have come in with projects that they found on Pinterest. Recently, a customer … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Use Video to Promote Services

1 year ago

CURRENT SITUATION: You have heard of other lumber dealers using video to promote their yards. You have a person on staff with the interest and capability to oversee a video … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Attract Customers With a Blog

1 year ago

CURRENT SITUATION: You’ve hired someone to build your store a website, because that’s what you know you needed to do to keep up with the competition. But, outside of the … Read More

Social Media 101: Twitter

1 year ago

CURRENT SITUATION: As your business grows and more of your builder customers are adapting to new ways of communication, you want to make sure you are where they are and … Read More

Recruiting Seasonal Candidates Online

2 years ago

CURRENT SITUATION: The Help Wanted sign in the window isn’t bringing in the number of applicants that it used to for the seasonal hiring you do every spring. You learned … Read More

Getting Started with Google AdWords

2 years ago

CURRENT SITUATION: You have noticed that your competition has begun advertising on Google. Concerned about missing out on any customers who may discover you online, your company decides to build … Read More


2 years ago

CURRENT SITUATION: A number of LBM dealers who have heard from customers using the home design-oriented, idea sharing social website have created business profiles on the site as a … Read More

Selling DOGS on Craigslist

2 years ago

Current Situation: Many dealers have products in their yards that aren’t easy to sell because they are DOGS (damaged or obsolete goods), returns or unneeded special-order items. These items take … Read More

How to Establish a Free Google Business Listing

2 years ago

Current Situation: Most LBM dealers know that search engines such as Google offer opportunities for customers to rate a business and offer reviews. Many dealers, however, aren’t aware that Google … Read More