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In Depth: Windows & Doors

2 weeks ago

Top-selling windows and doors optimize home owner privacy while staying on trend with craftsman styles that boost sound performance and energy efficiency. Forget ultramodern. With all due respect to mid-century … Read More

In Depth Extra: Deck Rail Lighting & Accessories

1 month ago

UltraLox’s under-rail lighting provides a unique appearance by positioning the lighting where it’s needed most—down onto the deck surface. As an added bonus, the lights accent the spindles of the … Read More

In Depth Extra: Deck Fasteners

2 months ago

Simpson Strong-Tie’s EB-TY Premium offers the same features as the EB-TY hidden fastener but with a stainless steel plate. The plate provides additional hold-down and pull-through capacity for the screw, … Read More

In Depth: Decks

2 months ago

American homeowners are continuing their love affair with decks, but gone are the days when decks served as a simple lounging space or a place to park a grill. Today’s … Read More

IN DEPTH: Lumber and Structural Panels

3 months ago

Innovation Abounds Among OSB, Plywood, and Lumber Though often seen as commodity products, the categories of wood structural panels (OSB and plywood) and lumber are not short on innovation—and they’re … Read More

IN DEPTH: Moulding & Trimboards

4 months ago

IN DEPTH The lines have been drawn as PVC, polyurethane, and fly-ash composite trim makers look to cut into wood’s behemoth market share over the next four years. If you’re … Read More

IN DEPTH: Housewrap and Insulation

5 months ago

IN DEPTH As the green building movement has gained momentum over the past decade and energy efficiency has come to the forefront— due to homeowner demand, contractor differentiation, and increasingly … Read More

IN DEPTH: Technology Tools

6 months ago

IN DEPTH It’s hard to find an area of life where technology doesn’t have an influence and a presence, and the lumberyard is no exception. Tech tools from software to … Read More

IN DEPTH: Engineered Lumber

9 months ago

IN DEPTH Like much of the industry, engineered wood producers are still navigating a fickle recovery in which builders are challenged by supply constraints, tight lending, and hard-to-come-by lots. Though the … Read More

IN DEPTH: Caulking & Adhesives

9 months ago

New material choices that provide benefits to contractors also create challenges for assuring that caulk and adhesive options will work successfully. Manufacturers are responding to those needs and others with products that … Read More