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When It Comes To Selling, Some Are Too Ready

5 months ago

In our line of work, we often get inquiries from business owners who start the conversation this way: “Well,” (deep sigh of relief) “I’m finally ready to sell.” But all … Read More

JOHN D. WAGNER: Meet Resilience STAR™

2 years ago

An Energy Star-type program for disaster resistant homes.

John D Wagner: The Overlooked Glulam

2 years ago

Advantages as to why glulams are the no-brainer choice.

JOHN D. WAGNER: McGraw Hill Construction Stats Tell The Green Housing Story

2 years ago

But has the Green Building Movement finally plateaued?

JOHN D. WAGNER: What Are Green Remodelers Buying?

2 years ago

Efficient windows top the list, followed by HVAC systems, and Energy Star appliances.

Selling Into LEED Jobs? Watch for New HPDs

3 years ago

Did you pay attention in chemistry class in high school (when you weren’t trying to melt Bic pens with the Bunsen Burner)?

JOHN D. WAGNER: Cool Roofs Save Energy

3 years ago

New study shows: Grow your sales by sharing the science and value of today’s cool roofing products.

JOHN D. WAGNER: What’s Greener: Wood or Plastic Decking?

3 years ago

With all factors considered, both have a very strong green message.

JOHN D. WAGNER: Can 2x6s be Cheaper than 2×4 Framing?

3 years ago

APA Thinks So. And It Can Prove It.