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Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part II

7 months ago

Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part I The potential pathways forward. Will the Trump administration fix the mortgage market? There is no question the Trump administration wants to make … Read More

Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part I

8 months ago

Lending standards and mortgage availability have been major constraints to the housing recovery. The purpose of this article is to focus on one of the factors constraining the housing recovery: … Read More

A Common Indicator of Residential Improvements is Broken

2 years ago

While new residential construction activity captures the lion’s share of attention, residential improvements expenditures have actually been a more important end use for wood products since the housing market crashed … Read More

MARKET ANALYSIS: Lumber Inventories Point to Market Rebound

2 years ago

Inventories are a key indicator of market balances. Unlike many other industries, information on the ebbs and flows of lumber stocks is largely lacking. To get a sense for supply/demand … Read More

MARKET ANALYSIS: Outlook for Non-Residential Construction

2 years ago

FEA’s analysis reveals a few bright spots in this growing area. This month we wanted to bring you up to date on developments in the non-residential construction market. We have … Read More


3 years ago

Fed Policy Update: “Patience”


3 years ago

Household Formations: The Missing Link in the Housing Recovery