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Top five concerns of sellers and buyers

4 weeks ago

The LBM Strategies Conference M&A panelists responded to your top concerns. The recent LBM Strategies Conference in Dallas offered a dynamite mergers and acquisition panel made up of the top … Read More

Acquirers want leadership continuity and succession planning

2 months ago

Anything less will devalue your company. Think of your business as if it were a large tactical ship. Now, imagine a potential acquirer of that ship admiring it from the … Read More

How Investment Bankers Get Paid for Brokering the Sale of Your Business

3 months ago

Investment bankers that broker the sale of your company have a fairly standard schedule for retainers and success fees. But there are idiosyncrasies and potential pitfalls to watch for. So, … Read More

How Best to Prepare to Go to Market

4 months ago

I used to work for the marketing department of a large building products manufacturer, and the executive in charge had a saying that has always stuck with me. Whether we … Read More

How Much Cash Should You Leave in Your Business Upon Sale?

5 months ago

In every acquisition that we have put together, there is one common question that the sellers ask as the deal moves toward closing: How much cash will I be required … Read More

With Markets Strong, Should You Delay Selling?

6 months ago

Our markets are roaring. Everyone’s doing great, and party confetti seems to fall like snowflakes every time you look at your monthly sales reports. Projections are that 2017 will continue … Read More

What’s Your Customer Concentration?

7 months ago

Imagine if you had only one customer. Make no mistake, it would have to be a big customer to keep your yard bays stocked and trucks rolling. But with only … Read More

Your Business is Worth What Someone Will Pay for It

8 months ago

There is a person I know from our town who has a nice house she needs to sell. She asked me to take a look at it and tell her, just … Read More

Expect Distractions During The Closing Process

9 months ago

But don’t let them negatively affect earnings. When selling your business, a buyer will firmly establish their commitment and seriousness with a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI establishes the … Read More

What Happens to Real Estate When You Are Acquired?

10 months ago

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Most lumber deallers that we speak with about mergers and acquisitions own the buildings and land where their businesses operate. Sometimes a separate LLC or incorporated business … Read More