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Real Issues. Real Answers. Managing business peaks and valleys

1 week ago

The old saw, “You got to dance with them what brung you,” is a nice sentiment, but how valid is it in our business? More to the point, if your … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers. Attracting, hiring and keeping quality people

1 month ago

Staffing our companies with quality people has become one of the most serious challenges facing many LBM dealers. Whether that’s due to the mass exodus of pros from our industry … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers. Smart Bonus Plans

2 months ago

In an industry where many companies are struggling to attract and hire quality candidates, the first order of business should be making sure the existing team is productive, happy, and … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: Material Takeoffs: Good or Bad?

4 months ago

At what point does a value-added service effectively work against us? One prime example is material takeoffs, which most LBM dealers provide to their builder customers either for free or … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: Managing Evolving Inventories

4 months ago

“Evolve or die.” That jarring little sentence from an LBM Journal reader packs a powerful punch, and in today’s LBM industry, it is more relevant than ever. Not only is … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: Creating Great Employees

6 months ago

As far as your customers are concerned, your employees are your company. With housing and remodeling heating up, and LBM dealers reporting difficulty attracting next-gen workers to complement their aging … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: Optimizing Deliveries

6 months ago

For LBM dealers, nothing happens until a sale is made. For our builder customers, nothing happens until the material arrives on the jobsite. Deliveries are an important and fundamental service … Read More

Five Ways To Beat Amazon

8 months ago

While some LBM dealers are just starting to consider how online retailers like Amazon may affect their bottom line, a small-town Arkansas dealer has already climbed that hill. In Mountain … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: The Amazon Factor

8 months ago

For retailers in a growing number of industries, has proven to be a relentless competitor. (Fun fact: actually redirects to Thanks to the bulk and logistical realities … Read More

Real Issues. Real Answers: Managing Generational Transitions

8 months ago

In a very real sense, our companies are our people. They’re what set us apart from the competition, and they’re a big reason for our successes. Still, they’re people…and people … Read More