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5 Ways to Maximize Your Stock Glulam Sales

11 months ago

Warren Buffett once said “Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.” Few building products exemplify this bit of investment wisdom more than the common stock glulam beam. … Read More

Demand for EWP Products to Grow Through 2020

12 months ago

Engineered wood product output will grow between 25% and 33% by 2020, according to the Fall 2015 Forecast by APA – The Engineered Wood Association. That should bode well for … Read More


1 year ago

Nail-base sheathing offers an efficient, cost-effective way to attach siding and trim—and an upsell for dealers. As builders apply more energy-efficient construction methods, proper siding and trim attachment has increasingly … Read More

Secrets to Selling Engineered Wood Products

1 year ago

Six simple ways to amp up your EWP sales. Ask the average lumberyard dealer how they can grow sales of engineered wood products and you might get an answer similar … Read More

SELLING ENGINEERED LUMBER: Demonstration Home Showcases Dealer Role in Efficient Framing

1 year ago

During the last week of July, Illinois builder Beechen & Dill opened one of its under-construction homes to fellow Chicago-area architects, builders, and code officials, providing a hands-on look at … Read More

SELLING ENGINEERED LUMBER: Storing and Selling Subfloor Panels

1 year ago

Strategies for storing, selling wood structural panels for installation under hardwood. Wood structural panels—OSB and plywood—are commonly used for subfloors and are proven to perform well under a range of … Read More

SELLING ENGINEERED LUMBER: Simple Strategies to Help Homes Withstand High Winds

2 years ago

We’re well into the 2015 tornado and hurricane season, and already parts of the country have seen the devastation that high winds can bring. For builder customers, designing homes to … Read More

SELLING ENGINEERED LUMBER: Selling Glulam for Multifamily Projects

2 years ago

The Glen at University Park, a complex of 107 three-story rowhouse condominiums for students at California State University, San Bernardino, tells a story that is replaying in multifamily construction all … Read More

SELLING ENGINEERED LUMBER: Do Dimension Lumber Labeling Concerns Apply to Structural Panel Products?

2 years ago

In August 2014, Lowe’s agreed to pay a $1.6 million settlement in California as a result of a lawsuit brought by the district attorneys of several counties in the state.


2 years ago

The post-recession housing market is bringing new challenges for dealers and their customers.