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Remodeler Q&A: Jon Domers

1 month ago

Q: What do you wish LBM suppliers understood about your business? A: One thing that I try to stress to all of my trade partners, vendors and suppliers is that … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: Greg Alsterlund

2 months ago

Q: When and why would you accept a meeting from a new supplier/vendor? A:As I mentioned in the last question, we explored a change because our current vendor was experiencing … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: Michael McCutcheon

3 months ago

Q: What do you wish LBM suppliers understood about your business? A: When a client and/or their designer do not like a product, we need the supplier’s help to solve … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: Rick Goldstein

4 months ago

What do you wish lumber and building materials suppliers understood about your business? I wish LBM suppliers understood what we represented, who our clients are, and what is expected. If … Read More

REMODELER Q&A: Jennifer Sherrill

5 months ago

What products (if any) do you buy installed? Some buy high-end window and door systems installed, (for example, a NanaWall door system). What is the number one problem that keeps … Read More

REMODELER Q & A: Judy Mozen

6 months ago


Remodeler Q&A: Abe Degnan

12 months ago

Abe Degnan – President Degnan Design Builders, Inc. DeForest, Wisconsin Last year’s sales: $2.5 million (approx) Years in business: 35 Number of employees: 6 Specialty: Design-build remodeling projects, ranging from … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: Chad Vincent

1 year ago

Chad Vincent – President Renaissance Remodeling Co., Inc.| Boise, Idaho For two decades, Renaissance Remodeling has been family-owned and locally-operated in Boise, Idaho. Last year’s sales: $1.5 million Years in … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: Craig Scott

1 year ago

Craig Scott – President CROSS | San Antonio, TX. Craig Scott is president of CROSS remodeling in San Antonio, Texas. CROSS is an award-winning full service residential remodeler and custom builder. … Read More

Remodeler Q&A: DG Custom Built Homes

1 year ago

Desmond Greaves – Owner DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling, LLC | Bay Shore, N.Y. Founded in 1996 by Desmond Greaves, DG Custom Built Homes is a member of NARI … Read More