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Screw Products Adds Holds-a-Bit and Screw Holder
hold-a-bit by Screw ProductsScrew Products, Inc. has introduced two new accessories to its line: the Holds-a-Bit and the Screw Holder. The Holds-a-Bit bit holder is engineered to be used for drill bits, drivers, and tips, and can hold both round- and hexshank bits of various sizes. The Holds-a-Bit, which is said to help identify the needed drive size quickly, can also be paired with Screw Products’ color-coded bits, and includes 10 of the most common Star Drive bits needed to complete most jobs. The Screw Holder, a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes, was designed with a tapered, ribbed head interior to keep screws straight and adjust to various screw-head sizes, while built-in ridges also ensure screws won’t shake out.

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