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Yeah, It’s Really That Good.

TandoBeach House Shake created by Tando responds to the needs of coastal homeowners looking for a low-maintenance exterior without compromising on the authentic beauty of unpainted cedar. From the texture of Beach House Shake – right down to the subtleties of grains and saw cuts – to its unmatched realism. It’s impervious to moisture, offers easy one-person installation with standard tools and is backed by ten-year “looks like new” warranty.

Visit Tandobp.com/beachhouseshake.

Won’t Crack Under Pressure, Even if the Concrete Does.

MitekOur structural concrete epoxy is designed for anchoring into concrete that is, or may become, cracked due to cyclic loading from wind or earthquakes. It's also a high performance formulate that is very appealing for general anchoring into concrete and may also be used for fully grouted CMU construction.

The extensive testing data and high loads that GEL7C has makes it a best in class epoxy. Couple this with the design software and this gives the designers the confidence they want when designing concrete anchorage. Do you know how much epoxy your job needs? Easily calculate the number of cartridges using the USP Epoxy Quantity Estimator. Do you know how much epoxy your job needs? Easily calculate the number of cartridges using the USP Epoxy Quantity Estimator.

Learn more at http://www.uspconnectors.com/us/products/anchoring-solutions/anchoring-epoxy/cia-gel-7000-c-cracked-concrete-epoxy

Find the Perfect Match for Your Project

GrayneWhat makes natural cedar shingles so striking is the color variance found in the woodgrain. That’s why Grayne offers six warm and welcoming cedar colors that have light and dark points like cedar found in nature. Ranging from stained looks to aged cedar, it’s easy to find the perfect match for any project. And, if you don’t see a color you are looking for, customize with your favorite color by using Grayne’s paintable shingle, that allows for superior paint adhesion with its innovative proprietary surface treatment.

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Is Your PVC Trim Inventory Getting Bulldozed by Damage?

DancikSpecial handling. Unique storage. Cleaning. Damages. Returns. Delivery refusals. PVC trim dealers report inventory losses of 2% to 5% – a costly problem that’s dramatically reduced by Palight Trimboard with EverClean™ Protective Film. Take the profits you’re losing and put them back in your pocket. And imagine the benefits to your customers!

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Screw Products, Inc. Receives ICC ESR-3654 For Selected Structural Screws!

Screw ProdScrew Products, Inc. has received ICC Code Approval (ESR-3654) for its Bronze Star CCTX Star Drive Structural Lag Screws and Timber Hex TH & THG 5/16" Hex Head Structural / Landscape Screws. The Bronze Star CCTX are packaged in Bulk, 100ct, & 50ct with Free Star Drive Bit. The Timber Hex TH Black and THG Gray are packaged in Bulk & 50ct with Free Hex Bit. These screws are also available individually with UPC sticker. See our website for more information.

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WindowWrap Flashing Tapes

mfmWindowWrap® PSX-20 is a patented, self-adhering window flashing tape designed to protect window and door openings from potential water and air infiltration. WindowWrap® PSX-20 is compliant with AAMA 711 and ICC-ES AC148, Report ESR-2783, to ensure the product performs under the toughest conditions. WindowWrap® PSX-20 is available in both contractor cartons and shrink-wrapped/labeled rolls for retail display. For FREE Samples or more information, call 800-882-7663 or visit www.mfmbpcom.

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Artistically Layered Colors

FortressThe Fortress Deck proprietary and unrivaled coloring system brings unique depth and dimension to every deck board. The variegated coloration of every board is slightly different creating a completely natural look of high-end, tropical or exotic hardwoods without all the downsides. Choose from a collection of traditional wood tones and stylish modern alternatives that will perfectly compliment any style home.

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