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Readers share strategies for managing the winter slowdown.


First, the bad news: Winter is on the way, and for the majority of LBM dealers, that means a marked decrease in business. The good news: since we know it’s coming, we can prepare. The question is, how to prepare? Is a “full steam ahead” strategy reckless, or bold? Is cutting back sensible, or overly cautious? For this month’s installment of Real Issues. Real Answers., we asked readers to share how they manage…

The Issue

This month’s question comes from Mike Rotolo of Schmeling Building Supply, Rockford, Ill. “Winter is approaching, which typically means a sales decrease. How do other LBM dealers adjust their expenditures to offset lower sales and profits? Charge on or cut back?”

Judging from the 156 readers who participated in this survey, and the variation in the insightful responses, the seasonal slowdown truly is a “Real Issue” for many—and not strictly those in the northern climes. Thanks to those who participated. If you’d like the opportunity to weigh in on our monthly surveys, just drop me a note at [email protected].

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Rick Schumacher

Rick Schumacher is the editor and publisher of LBM Journal, and has more than 25 years experience covering the industry. [email protected]