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10 Ways to Make the Best Sales Impression

10 months ago

When making your initial sales call on larger and more professional prospects—at least among the most successful contractor salespeople—cold calling has pretty much become a thing of the past. Today, … Read More

Grow Customer Share One Product Line at a Time

11 months ago

Once you get your first product line sold to a new customer, you’re still—at least for the most part—on the outside looking in, because a competitor or competitors continue to sell this … Read More

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Scripted Sales Statements

1 year ago

As you raved to a friend about the story line in a movie you just saw, did you think about how many times the actor’s words had been written and … Read More

Are Higher Gross Margins in Your Company’s Future?

1 year ago

When I wrote my book, “Gross Margin,” I did a considerable amount of research to learn the gross margins achieved by retailers outside the lumber and building material industry. I … Read More

Lazy Salespeople Lead with Price

2 years ago

Smart salespeople are partners who help their customers succeed. When prospecting for new business, it has been my experience that salespeople are most likely to prematurely introduce the subject of … Read More

When Talking Productivity, Measurements Matter

2 years ago

A few years ago, I was invited to speak in Scottsdale, Ariz. at a meeting sponsored by the Mountain States Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association. During the meeting I … Read More

BILL LEE: Threats to Your Business Relationships

2 years ago

Management indifference is a major threat to business relationships. How seriously your business’ relationships will suffer depends on how effective your management team is at controlling each threat before it … Read More

BILL LEE: Is Poor Time Management Limiting Your Productivity?

2 years ago

How to double your sales via smarter time management. Forty-one% of the salespeople I interview tell me that TIME is the number one obstacle preventing them from doubling their current … Read More

BILL LEE: Plant Seeds For Future Sales

2 years ago

How to use prospect calls to gain competitive business.

BILL LEE: Salespeople – Get Serious About Your Business

2 years ago

Follow these tips to develop a marketing plan to grow your numbers.