Tag : Digital Case Studies

Getting Started with Google AdWords

February 25, 2016

CURRENT SITUATION: You have noticed that your competition has begun advertising on Google. Concerned about missing out on any customers who may discover you online, your company decides to build … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Increase Engagement On Your Company’s Facebook Page

September 28, 2015

Current Situation: It’s no secret that the LBM industry has been slow to adapt to social media. Let’s face it: Most LBM dealers feel like if they’re at a desk … Read More

EDITORS NOTE: Lessons In Growth

August 27, 2015

Our job, as parents and/or business-people, is to do our best to navigate the road ahead—and to somehow know when to say no, when to let go, and when to … Read More

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: How to Strengthen Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing

August 24, 2015

Current Situation: Plenty of LBM dealers have launched email newsletters, only to use them to send out an offer to customers periodically, or alert subscribers to the week’s sales. Many … Read More