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Report: $3.7B Commercial Insulation Market to Grow 5 Percent Through 2018

1 year ago

Malvern, Penn.—Market growth for commercial insulation has largely been driven by continued growth in new construction, increased R-value requirements as well as nominal growth in reroofing. In particular, wall applications … Read More

Principia Report: $26 Billion Increase For LBM Distribution Channel by 2017

2 years ago

As the housing recovery has taken hold, demand for lumber and building materials has also lifted. However, since the downturn, the industry has transformed in many ways that pre-2008 business … Read More

DemandBuilder For sales and Market Planning

2 years ago

Principia Consulting has launched DemandBuilder℠, an online sales and marketing database for improved resource planning, allocation and management. This dynamic tool provides subscribers with the capability to custom analyze market … Read More

Report: Decking and Railing Market to Grow Through 2017

2 years ago

The overall decking and railing industry has been relatively stable over the last couple of years. Total demand for decking and railing materials in the North American residential market was … Read More

IN DEPTH: Siding

2 years ago

Homeowners look to aesthetics as the driving force in their purchase choice, but other factors, including long-term performance and maintenance needs play key roles. Aesthetics play a dominant role in … Read More

IN DEPTH: Doors and Windows

2 years ago

Energy efficiency, privacy, security and aesthetics drive purchase decisions, but trends are evolving as upgrades become expectations.

EDITORS NOTE: The Waiting is Over

2 years ago

The Waiting is Over One week ago today, my town was hammered with 10 inches of snow. Today, the temperatures are forecast to enter the 60s, which will all but … Read More

BUSINESS INSIGHTS: The Decking Opportunity

3 years ago

Insights and suggestions on building your share of this growing market.

BUSINESS INSIGHTS: Selling Green Building

3 years ago

There’s money to be made with the right products.

BUSINESS INSIGHTS: Steak or Hamburger: What’ll You Have for Dinner?

3 years ago

Fasteners and other hardlines are a profit lever.