Tough Call Poll: Breaking Point

Your local market is well into recovery mode, but the owner of your yard refuses to ramp back up. What would you do?

1) Straight Talk. Sit down with Phil and state your concerns, with facts to back them
up. Tell him that his decisions are tying your hands, and crippling his company.

2) Ultimatum. Tell Phil that his refusal to move forward have already cost him two
of his best people, and unless he changes his stance, you’re going to leave too.

3) Reassure. If Phil agrees to give you some latitude to do your job, and to make
some executive decisions, assure him that you can bring the company back on track.

4) Walk Away. As much loyalty as you feel for Phil, there’s no sense sacrificing your
livelihood. It’s time to negotiate your future with a competitor, then walk away.

What would you do?
  • 57.43% - ( 58 votes )
  • 17.82% - ( 18 votes )
  • 10.89% - ( 11 votes )
  • 13.86% - ( 14 votes )