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Tough Calls

Tough Call - Ike vs. Mike: Experience vs. Future - ( July/August, 2014 )
You'd like to promote a rising star, but that would displace a capable long-time family friend. What would you do?

Tough Call: Promotional Roadblock - ( May/June, 2014 )
Your plan for an elaborate customer event is threatened by the absence of promotional dollars. What would you do?

Taking a Product Offline - ( February, 2014 )

Installed Conflict - ( January, 2014 )
A multifamily developer refuses to work with a big, loyal customer—and wants you to install and sell the products for a huge project. 

Unhappy Returns - ( July/August, 2013 )
Your largest customer is also a serial abuser of your company’s return policy. What would you do?

Risk v. Reward, Winter Buy Edition - ( November/December, 2013 )
With 2013 drawing to a close, its time to look back on the year that was.

Promotion Commotion - ( October, 2013 )

Boxed In - ( September, 2013 )

Battling a Vendor - ( June, 2013 )
A longtime vendor that you’ve promoted heavily just made a mid-season adjustment that priced their product out of the market. What would you do?

The Cost of Friendship - ( May, 2013 )
A customer whose business is more trouble than its worth happens to be a good friend. What would you do?

The Case of the Expired Quote - ( April, 2013 )
A builder you’ve pursued for years is finally ready to buy—using a price quote that expired two days ago. What would you do?

Tracking the Production Builder - ( March, 2013 )
It’s the spring of 2013, and you’re seeing something you wondered if you’d ever see again: a healthy market for your products and services.  And that fact has created several

A Few Good Men (or Women) - ( February, 2013 )
Business is picking up, but you’re understaffed—and unable to find qualified candidates. What should you do?

Battling the Low-Ball Bid - ( January, 2013 )
A competitor is trying to lure away your customer with an offer of a 10% bottom line discount.  What would you do?

The Prodigal Salesperson - ( July/August, 2012 )
The most effective salesperson you've ever employed burned bridges when he left your company.  Now he wants his old job back.  What would you do?

Expanding Outside - ( May/June, 2012 )
You're about to hire your first outside salesperson from among four finalists. Who would you hire?

The Customer is Always Right? - ( November/December, 2012 )
You’ve been charged with keeping a high-maintenance/low-margin customer happy, while earning more on his sales. How would you do it?

The Succession Situation - ( October, 2012 )
You'll never forget the closed-door meeting with your father almost exactly 40 years ago. 

The Cost of Politics - ( September, 2012 )
A good friend and customer has asked you to take a public stand in a contentious race.  What would you do?

Taking (Second) Chances - ( April, 2012 )
When you stopped carrying their product, their sales in your market ground to a stop. As it turns out, their fine product just doesn’t sell itself.

Return of the Attitude Killer - ( March, 2012 )
You just learned that the Attitude Killer is not at all satisfied with the current sales numbers, and has announced his intention to permanently re-insert himself in the daily operations as your direc

Dangerously lean - ( February, 2012 )
It seems obvious to you that you need to start to staff-up, but Jeb has made clear that he’s the boss— and he intends to stay lean as long as possible. What would you do?

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