Wolf Home Products Rebrands

By / May 10, 2016

YORK, Penn. — Wolf Home Products unveiled its new logo recently — part of a wide-ranging rebranding effort that will amplify Wolf in the marketplace as it refreshes the company’s Wolf Home Products logomost visible representation. Wolf Home Products delivers Wolf-branded lines and other cabinetry and building materials to more than 4,000 dealers.

Wolf President and CEO Craig Danielson said the new logo, featuring a dominant “W,” and its signature “howling wolf” silhouette, captures the company’s innovation and forward-looking spirit.

“Wolf has successfully established itself as a leading supplier of American-made products available through independent dealers. Our Wolf-branded product lines have enabled us to rapidly expand our geographical footprint,” Danielson said. “This is the ideal time to introduce a new look-and-feel that represents the spirit of a company on the move.”

The rebranding effort is the company’s first in years and the most extensive in decades for a company with roots that stretch back to 1843. In the coming months, the rebranding effort will extend to Wolf product packaging, sales materials, a new company website, displays, and much more.

The company currently delivers Wolf-branded lines, including decking, railing, kitchen cabinets, vanity tops, trim and moulding, and more.

Source: Wolf Home Products

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