Category : February 2014

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: Love the Booms, Hate the Busts

February 23, 2014

They call it the housing cycle—boom followed by bust followed by boom followed by bust followed by…. Personally, I’d rather see slow, steady, unexciting, unbooming growth—growth that’s driven by the … Read More

PROFILE: Building a Golden State of Mind

Golden State Lumber unveils its vision for the future.

BUILDER Q&A: Rick Moskal

President of Hawkstone of Wyoming Inc. Windsor, Colorado.

SHOWROOM STRATEGIES: Ganahl Lumber Company

An Interview with Pete Meichtry, Vice President of Merchandising, Purchasing and Advertising for Ganahl Lumber Company.

BOB HEIDENREICH: Spring Cleaning

Starting fresh can line your business up for new sales.

NLBMDA: Congress Tackles Flood Insurance

In the coming months, both the House and Senate may consider legislation reforming the National Flood Insurance Program.

BUSINESS INSIGHTS: Using Category Management to Overcome Inefficiency

Inefficiencies exist within every sector of the building products industry: suppliers, dealers and distributors.