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Are you discounting too much at the top?

April 18, 2018

If you take your company to market, there are clearly delineated phases to your engagement with a serious suitor. After you have whittled down your offers to the acquirer who … Read More

Can your company be repriced after the letter of intent?

March 15, 2018

Here’s a dreadful prospect that you want to avoid. Let’s say that you put your company on the market, and—for ease of math—you are putting up good numbers at the … Read More

Should you consider an asset sale or stock sale?

February 22, 2018

One common question that comes up as a deal moves toward a closing is whether the sale should be an asset sale or a stock sale. A couple quick points … Read More

The (irksome) due diligence process

January 15, 2018

The excitement of receiving a letter of intent (LOI) for your business is something everyone selling their business looks forward to. The LOI maps out the price a buyer will … Read More

Earnings quality: It’s the buyer’s right to know

November 28, 2017

Everyone wants to sell their business at peak earnings. Who wouldn’t? Since most businesses are purchased as a multiple of earnings, you as a seller have substantial motivation to get … Read More

Top five concerns of sellers and buyers

October 25, 2017

The LBM Strategies Conference M&A panelists responded to your top concerns. The recent LBM Strategies Conference in Dallas offered a dynamite mergers and acquisition panel made up of the top … Read More

Acquirers want leadership continuity and succession planning

September 15, 2017

Anything less will devalue your company. Think of your business as if it were a large tactical ship. Now, imagine a potential acquirer of that ship admiring it from the … Read More

How Investment Bankers Get Paid for Brokering the Sale of Your Business

August 18, 2017

Investment bankers that broker the sale of your company have a fairly standard schedule for retainers and success fees. But there are idiosyncrasies and potential pitfalls to watch for. So, … Read More

How Best to Prepare to Go to Market

July 20, 2017

I used to work for the marketing department of a large building products manufacturer, and the executive in charge had a saying that has always stuck with me. Whether we … Read More

How Much Cash Should You Leave in Your Business Upon Sale?

June 19, 2017

In every acquisition that we have put together, there is one common question that the sellers ask as the deal moves toward closing: How much cash will I be required … Read More