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The 2018 modern sales and marketing plan – Part 2

4 weeks ago

If you recall from Part 1, we’re rolling through an example of a 2018 sales and marketing plan. If you missed Part 1, check it out. You’ll be glad you … Read More

The 2018 modern sales and marketing plan – Part 1

2 months ago

2018 is around the corner and a lot of dealers are going through the strategic planning process. Let’s say for the sake of this column that your company has done … Read More

Why Some People Suck at Hiring Millennials

3 months ago

There is no question that B2B businesses in the building products industry are having a hard time attracting millennials. I think that most hiring managers can remedy this situation by … Read More

The One Thing More Important Than Industry Experience

5 months ago

A respected lumberyard owner recently told me that he’d never hire someone without industry experience. I disagreed with the gentleman, and when he asked why, I told him the story … Read More

How Storytelling Can Help Our Industry

5 months ago

I was returning from a trip, visiting LBM customers in Ohio. It was late and the 900-mile road trip had me ready for the weekend. Pulling in to home, the … Read More

Millennials, Economics and the Profitable New Hire

8 months ago

I’ve been hearing it for 12 years: No young talent; trouble retaining workforce; the young generation has no work ethic; how to sell the younger buyer? “Those darn millennials,” I … Read More