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Having trouble finding great job applicants? It might be you

March 14, 2018

Are you struggling to find great hires? Are the applicants crossing your desk less than stellar? Sure, it’s easy to blame the tight labor market, and that certainly may be … Read More

How to use social media to recruit top talent

February 21, 2018

Social media doesn’t just have to be about oversharing vacation pictures or even publicizing an upcoming event at your business. It also offers us new ways to connect and new … Read More

Signs your job ad stinks—and how to make it better

January 18, 2018

Job ads have been a staple for as long as companies have existed. It started with hanging a sign in the window (“Inquire Within”), then moved on to newspaper classifieds, … Read More

Great hires start with clarity

December 7, 2017

Poor hires cost your business: lost payroll, wasted training (and wasted time as others cover), errors and mistakes, dissatisfied customers, to mention just a few. But despite popular thinking, combatting … Read More

The three stages of successful hiring

October 27, 2017

Few things can change the trajectory of your LBM business more than figuring out how to find, hire, and keep great people. Bad hires can damage (if not destroy) customer … Read More