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Brand Talk: Modern fleet technology is driving the future

July 30, 2018

The numbers are staggering. Drivers of tractor trailer trucks and smaller delivery trucks, like those used in the lumber building and materials industry, experienced a higher rate of fatal and … Read More

Brand Talk: The building and logistics economy

July 18, 2018

In most regions throughout the U.S., the home building and remodeling market continues to recover and grow at a steady pace looking positive and strong well into 2020. While these … Read More

Sponsored: A Greener Way to Slow the Burn 

June 20, 2018

How fire retardant treated wood is changing the way we build for fire safety. Buildings have always been designed to protect and safeguard the people and things that occupy them. … Read More

Brand Talk: Why we can’t ignore the affordable housing crisis

May 30, 2018

A Q&A with Gary E. Robinette Gary E. Robinette is chairman and CEO of Ply Gem Building Products, a leading North American manufacturer of exterior building products based in Cary, … Read More

Sponsored: Engineered Wood Siding Helps Protect the Building Envelope

May 22, 2018

How this durable material offers performance designed for peace of mind If siding fails, moisture and pests can intrude into the interior and seriously damage the home. Builders know that … Read More

Brand Talk: Cedar: Still on-trend after all these years

May 15, 2018

Since in the 1950s, cedar has remained one of the most popular materials for decking, siding and outdoor structures like pergolas, arbors and fences, and it continues to flourish in … Read More

Brand Talk: Innovations beyond products

May 1, 2018

A Q&A with Lee Clark-Sellers, Innovation Officer, Ply Gem Building Products Lee Clark-Sellers is the innovation officer at Ply Gem, North America’s leading manufacturer of building products. She has more … Read More

Sponsored: Spring into safety

April 29, 2018

After an unusually rough winter consisting of bitter cold and heavy, repeated snowfalls, many of us are finally starting to open those windows and breath in the spring air. With … Read More

Brand Talk: Tips to keep your inventory safe

April 16, 2018

Lumber prices are going up; is your inventory adequately insured? Softwood lumber prices in the United States are reaching record highs, having jumped nearly 20% over the past year. The … Read More

Sponsored: A Northern California winery enhances guest experience with natural redwood

March 28, 2018

 An organic winery and sustainable redwood are perfectly paired in Northern California wine country. Jeriko Estate Resort and Winery in Hopland, California is a certified organic winery with a unique … Read More