Category : Tough Call

Tough Call: Fighting over clients

October 9, 2018

As your company adds outside salespeople, there’s more conflict over customers. What would you do? As you’ve learned from running an independent building material company, there are always problems. But … Read More

Tough Call: The wooden ceiling

September 6, 2018

A longtime builder customer switched suppliers when the daughter took over the family lumberyard. Speaking from experience, you know that there are worse things than growing up in the lumber … Read More

Tough Call: The hassle of the haggle

August 9, 2018

Back when you launched your lumberyard in the early 1990s, you figured the path to success was to make your company an invaluable resource. After all, the more you can … Read More

Tough Call: The payroll secret is out

July 2, 2018

After rewarding a top employee with a healthy pay raise, they shared the news and now you are faced with disgruntled employees who want more money. What would you do? … Read More

Tough Call: The ‘For Pros Only’ distraction

June 6, 2018

You’ve created a great event specifically for builders in your market, but a vendor wants a free ride. After spending 15 years working for an LBM dealer in your hometown, … Read More

Tough Call: Dealing with a micro non-manager

May 3, 2018

Claiming to be taking care of his clients, a salesperson is micromanaging his colleagues. What would you do? You’ll never forget your introduction to the lumber business. It was 1990, … Read More

Tough Call: Something’s gotta give

April 6, 2018

Your top rep is working far too much and is spread too thin, but his clients are threatening to leave if they’re assigned a different rep. What would you do? … Read More

Tough Call: The velocity of change

March 2, 2018

As a third-generation owner/CEO of a LBM business, you may not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you definitely have an opportunity to continue building … Read More

Tough Call: The high cost of special order mistakes

February 1, 2018

Like LBM dealers in most U.S. markets, your company is doing well. Sales are up, margins are stable, and your team is working at near capacity. At this point, it … Read More

Tough Call: How much is too much?

January 2, 2018

New owners want to cut your top rep’s pay, which would likely send her to the competition. Like many family-owned companies, XY Lumber recently reached a place where members of … Read More