A CENTURY OF SERVICE: White’s Lumber & Building Supply

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THE YEAR WAS 1892, when George W. White arrived in Watertown, N.Y. to form a hay pressing business with Henry C. Anthony and Egbert W. Knapp of the E.W. Knapp Lumber Company.

A year later, Knapp sold his business interests and in 1893, White & Sullivan was formed, with George White serving as senior member.

White & Sullivan continued a successful business at 27 Molton Street in Watertown, until 1906 when the plant and offices were moved to a building on a vacant lot at the corner of Olive and North Rutland Street in Watertown. A large warehouse and shop were built and the plant was expanded to five times the size of the former location.

The firm of White & Sullivan continued until 1913, when George White bought out the partners and added his son, Ralph. The firm’s name was changed to what still appears on legal documents today: G.W. White & Son, Inc.

During WWI, G.W. White took an active part in fund drives, serving as captain of a men’s team in the Liberty and Victory loan campaigns.

In 1957, Ralph White died and his son, Roger. W. White became president of G.W. White & Son, Inc. G.W. White later passed away in 1958, at the age of 96.

Under Roger White’s tenure, in January 1967, G.W. White & Son, Inc. purchased W.S. Corbin and Sons, a building supply, fuel oil and coal dealer in Gouverneur, N.Y. The company was renamed White’s Building & Supply, and still operates today on Depot Street.

In 1969, White’s Building & Supply expanded into Pulaski, adding a third store on Rome Road.

In the late 1990s, Roger White retired and his four children—Bradford, Roger Jr (Ted), Sarah and Jonathan—took over the day-to-day management of the company.

In 2001 White Lumber added a fourth store on James Street in Clayton, N.Y., and added an enclosed drive-thru lumberyard. What was formerly the Thousand Island Bowling Center became a full-service home construction and repair store, with a 10,000 square foot showroom and four storage buildings.

Tragically, in 2010, a fire completely destroyed the Pulaski location. White Lumber fulfilled orders and deliveries through its other stores until the new store was rebuilt.

Today, under company President and co-owner Brad White’s care, White’s Lumber & Building Supply continues to serve their customers with one simple goal: to help them reach their goals with great products, low prices, and expert advice.

Epicor software, Brad White said, plays a big role in that process. “Using Epicor software has allowed us to focus on the business and not have to recreate the wheel,” he said. “As time moves forward, there’s more and more usage of technology, and Epicor helps keep us on the leading edge.”

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