MiTek Expands Houston Warehouse Capabilities

By / June 9, 2016

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — MiTek today announced that its expanded Houston, Texas warehouse is now fully operational, providing more stock of products including USP Structural Connectors, USP Epoxy and fasteners, MiTek LogoMiTek truss connector plates, and Hardy Frame shear wall systems.

The new warehouse offers same-day or next-day delivery service to a wide range of states, including Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. The warehouse will also offer local customers the expediency of “will call” delivery.

“MiTek has been adding more SKUs and shortening delivery times to an expanded list of locations and states, and our Houston facility provides yet one more part of our plan to deliver exceptional and prompt order fulfillment across multiple states,” said Todd Asche, Senior Vice President of Operations. “Plus, we now have advanced inventory monitoring and processing systems in place, which accelerate fulfillment times across multiple MiTek product lines.”

Source: MiTek

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