Quik Drive PRODW drywall system

By / September 19, 2018

Simpson Quick Drive

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced a new, lightweight, auto-feed screw driving system for drywall applications. The extension of its Quik Drive line, PRODW drywall system features a lighter-weight tool body said to enhance durability and ergonomics. The system includes a collated-screw feed mechanism designed to provide consistent and efficient screw delivery, a self-locking depth adjustment for accurate drive and depth and a fully rotatable driver adapter for hard-toget areas. Curved, collated strips are designed to hold screws away from the tool’s nose to prevent scratching or marring the surface of materials. Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are designed for onehanded operation. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty. www.strongtie.com/prodw

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