Southern Forest Products Association’s Edition of Marine Construction Guide Now Available

By / October 10, 2014

The Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) has published a new 2014 Edition of its “Marine Construction Guide”.  This 40-page booklet provides information to assist with the proper specification and use of pressure-treated Southern Pine materials for docks, piers, bulkheads, pedestrian walkways and light vehicular bridges. Separate design recommendations are made for fresh water, brackish and salt water environments.  A copy is now available as a free PDF download from the Publications page of www.SouthernPine.com.

“This edition focuses on the needs of design professionals and marine contractors,” notes SFPA’s Eric Gee, “It represents a complete reorganization and revision of the previous edition, formerly titled ‘Aquatic & Wetland Structures’ ” he adds.

Following an introduction to Southern Pine lumber and timber sizes and properties, tables list  preservative specifications for typical end-use applications, along with minimum retentions in pounds per cubic foot (pcf).  Decking specifications and installation guidelines are provided, with details on proper fasteners and connectors. Sixteen pages are devoted to construction details, illustrating the use of both round and square piles for bulkheads, construction of both fixed and floating piers, plus details for handrails. Framing details for walkways and light vehicular bridges includes information about using Southern Pine glued laminated timbers for docks, piers and bridges.

Also new to this edition is a glossary of marine construction terminology, plus an updated listing of additional sources of treated wood product information, with references to helpful SFPA websites and publications.

As common uses and preservatives change over time, SFPA will update this PDF and keep the latest information available online.

News release provided by the Southern Forest Products Association

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