WHITE PAPER: Considering Selling Your LBM Business? Here’s How To Prepare.

By / December 9, 2015

Today’s valuations couldn’t be better, averaging 7X EBITDA for strategic buyers. But is a downturn coming that could drive down that multiple of earnings? Some macro-economic indicators are indicating a tightening of the construction market in 2017. So, if you have considered selling your LBM business, now is the time to act, unless you are willing to wait out another multi-year business cycle.

This white paper walks you through how to prepare to achieve the very highest valuation, starting with two of the most common questions asked by LBM sellers:

1) “What metrics are used to determine the value of my business when a buyer is looking to purchase?”

2) “What are the top three or four steps I can take to maximize that value?”

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