WHITE PAPER: Strategies For Organizational Change

By / September 18, 2015

Strategies For Organizational Change

PLUS How to Create Goals and Processes

Most of us have plenty of things we’d like to fix about our businesses: equipment to replace, processes to update, and new technologies to bring on board. But good ideas, even great ideas, aren’t enough to improve a company. The way a new policy is rolled out is just as important as the policy itself. When a significant change is forced upon an organization, it meets resistance, goes off track, and turns into an expensive disruption of everyone’s time.

If you’ve been asked to lead a project or drive change within your organization, whether it’s implementing new software or changing a core process, telling people what to do won’t work. The key to effectively leading change is clarifying goals, allocating the right resources, paying attention to details, and persevering in the face of challenges. The following pages provide a framework for planning and executing a successful project.

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